October 6th 2015: The Ward (2010)

The-Ward-vers-2Does anyone have any theories as to what happened to John Carpenter? He made They Live which was released in 1988, and then not much worth a damn. After completely tromping through the 1980s making amazing movies he just peters out. I was a fan of his first work on the Masters of Horror tv show Cigarette Burns, and hadn’t seen anything from him since then, so today I watched his most recent film The Ward.

It’s not that The Ward is bad, it just doesn’t live up to the reputation Carpenter built with his films in the 80s. there were some pretty decent scares in this, and the story was alright. I thought that setting the film in the late 1960s was kind of annoying and unnecessary. It definitely has Carpenter’s fingerprints, but it is missing a lot of what made his earlier films great.


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