October 1, 2015: It Follows (2014) #31DaysofHorror

It-Follows-one-sheetAnother year, another attempt at 31 horror movies in 31 days. Let’s hope I can make it this year.

First up is 2014 film It Follows. This film is an interesting melding of the slasher film and the terror-inside-my-body film, tying both tropes together. The film was a decent hit in theaters here in the states, so most of you have probably heard of it or seen it. The use of super slow and super long pans is pretty interesting, and the soundtrack reminds me of something from an early John Carpenter film (which, means it is pretty awesome).



October 9th 2015: Last House on the Left (1972)

LastHousePosterWes Craven is a filmmaker that has made some of my favourite horror films. With his recent passing, I plan to try and watch a couple of his films this month, mostly ones I haven’t seen before.

Last House on the Left is Craven’s first film, and was inspired by the Bergman film The Virgin Spring.

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