December 12th 2015: Sicario

downloadI’m in Harlingen, TX working on a movie that deals with cartels, drugs, and violence.  We had an off day today and Sicario is playing the 2nd run theater here so I thought I’d check it out.

The movie started strong, but the continual diminishment of Emily Blunt’s character was a bummer. All the acting was superb, and the way the story was told was interesting…and…Deakins is amazing as always.


October 6th 2015: The Ward (2010)

The-Ward-vers-2Does anyone have any theories as to what happened to John Carpenter? He made They Live which was released in 1988, and then not much worth a damn. After completely tromping through the 1980s making amazing movies he just peters out. I was a fan of his first work on the Masters of Horror tv show Cigarette Burns, and hadn’t seen anything from him since then, so today I watched his most recent film The Ward.

It’s not that The Ward is bad, it just doesn’t live up to the reputation Carpenter built with his films in the 80s. there were some pretty decent scares in this, and the story was alright. I thought that setting the film in the late 1960s was kind of annoying and unnecessary. It definitely has Carpenter’s fingerprints, but it is missing a lot of what made his earlier films great.


October 5, 2015: The Fog (1980)

John The_fog_1980_movie_posterCarpenter directed some great movies in the 80s. His directorial output might have peaked with They Live, which I recently rewatched and loved as much as ever.  There’s just something about the way he combines the story, visuals, and of course the music that he composes himself. It’s kinda magical.

In the bonus features on the BluRay Jamie Lee Curtis says she’s surprised that the film has the popularity that it does, but, I feel like this is a pretty solid film. Across the board the acting is great, as are the effects and John Carpenter’s score. It’s not his best movie of the 80s, but it’s a solid piece of cinema.


October 4, 2015: Videodrome (1983)

downloadLast year I watched a few different David Cronenberg films, but there are still a few I need to see. Videodrome is one of them.

There is some really interesting stuff in this movie, and the message feels even more relevant today that it might have been in 1983. The practical effects are amazing, highlighted by the morphing television screen.



October 3, 2015: Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Cabin_The_Woods_Mondo_Poster_Reveals_The_Right_Kind_Twists_1333729767This is another more recent film, and one that a lot of people really enjoyed.  It definitely does a good job of taking a somewhat tired premise and making it something different. It’s a movie I’m sure just about everyone has seen if they have any desire to see it, but if somehow you haven’t seen it, I’d say it’s worth checking out. The basic set-up is very similar to the Evil Dead series, which this movie lifts from pretty heavily.

Parts of this movie are pretty entertaining, but some of it just doesn’t connect for me. I like the way they use character archetypes to set-up the story, but it seems a bit heavy handed. The ending where just about every horror movie villain ever gets into the mix is probably the best part, and The Director is a genius job of casting.



October 2, 2015: Drag Me to Hell (2009)

DragmetohellWho doesn’t love Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise? I know that I am a huge fan of the films, and Iwas happy that he returned to horror with 2009s Drag Me to Hell. I feel like this movie is in the spirit of the Evil Dead films, and as I am looking forward to the forthcoming Ash vs The Evil Dead TV series, I thought that I’d revisit this film.

Some of the CGI effects are complete garbage, and at times I feel like the over the top sound effects take it a bit further than works for me, but overall I dig this movie. It’s nothing ground breaking, but, it does a decent job of setting up the story and carrying through to the end. The nonhappy ending is also a plus.



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